You Know You Work With Kids When…

1) You put the baby down and think he’s crying but it’s just the movie that the other kids are watching.

2) You change a wet diaper just for the baby to poop five minutes later.

3) You become desensitized to hearing the “Frozen Soundtrack” on repeat all day.

4) You’re not phased by somebody else’s toddler calling you “mama.”

5) You simply tune out the “bathroom humor.”

6) You see a puddle on the bathroom floor and question whether it came from the sink or if somebody had an accident.

7) You laugh when the baby sneezes during lunch time and spits pineapple and mango baby food on you.

8)  You feel like an expert at using reverse psychology.

9) Sometimes your job gives you baby fever and other times it is natural birth control.

10) You can make a toy made for a two-year-old entertain you for fifteen minutes.

11) You receive paper filled with scribbles as gifts yet you still treasure it.

12) You use a “baby talk” voice when you’re addressing the first adult that you’ve talked to all day.

13) There are times that you try not to laugh when giving correction to a child who has misbehaved.

14) Silence is great for a few minutes but becomes a warning sign if it lasts for more than five.

15) You see a toy or craft idea at the grocery store and contemplate buying it.

16) Your clothes are as dirty as the kids’ at the end of the day.

17) You don’t wear necklaces to work because it’ll end up broken and/or in the baby’s mouth.

18) You consider buying teething gel when you have a toothache.

19) Running out of a child’s favorite snack seems like it should be national news.

20)…But you still love it even on days that are hard.



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